In-house engineering capability allows Boiler Cleaning Services to solve a range of engineering problems and covers diverse engineering solutions and disciplines including stress analysis, flexibility, thermal, fluid dynamics, combustion system design and optimisation and process engineering calculations.

BCS Projects have over many years demonstrated the capability to add value to our customer's business in the design, supply, monitoring, optimisation and maintenance strategies concerning the following:

a) Water Softening Plants

b) Deionisation Plants

c) Filtration Plants

d) Activated Carbon

e) Chemical Dosing Equipment

f) Conductivity / Bleed Controllers on

g) Ion Exchange Resin Boilers & Cooling Towers

i) Cooling Towers

h) Chlorination Plants

In addition to the supply of the above we also Service the equipment under our Standard Service Agreements. Furthermore our range of conductivity / bleed controllers was especially developed by us in conjunction with our manufacturers.

current projects

Solvent Extraction Plant

Manufacturing of steel structure, installation of CROWN equipment and all process and services pipe work for Solvent Extraction Plant

we are …

engineers and contractors, our core competence is industrial design and we commit to world-class fulfilment in everything we do.

The company has developed resources, expertise and strategies encompassing: