Effective and focused quality management ensures that all Boiler Cleaning Services’ work is consistently of highest quality and conforms to international standards.

Driven by its commitment to deliver highest quality products, an established, documented quality management system is used to ensure compliance with the requirements of relevant South African National Standards (SANS), British European Standard (BS & EN), American Petroleum Institute (API), Deutsches Institute für Normung (DIN), American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) and International Standards Organisation (ISO) standards.

Boiler Cleaning Services
Boiler Cleaning Services

Boiler Cleaning Services Quality

Consistently high quality is achieved by:

  • A quality ethic championed by management
  • Planned, controlled and documented procedures
  • Quality control independent of manufacturing
  • Ongoing enhancement of quality control equipment and techniques
  • Continuous training and development of inspectors and operators
  • State of the art manufacturing equipment and process control

Risk Management

Boiler Cleaning Services has developed an enterprise risk management process to implement the group risk framework. The process is applied in all areas of potential exposure to risk, including acquisitions, projects, health, safety & environment management, and brand integrity.

Risk assessments

are conducted at an operational level as part of a three-year business planning process, and at a project level as part of bid preparation. Knowledge bases, case studies and the collective group experience are leveraged to better understand potential exposures to threats and opportunities.

Opportunity management

relates to decision making which changes the Boiler Cleaning Services risk profile. Acquisitions are subject to rigorous due diligence studies before approval. Capital expenditure requirements for organic growth are assessed as part of business planning. Engagement of project opportunities is controlled through the opportunity management system (OMS).

Risk mitigation

promotes the proactive management of risk once it has been brought into the Company. This involves accountability, planning and resource allocation, ongoing review and communication with affected stakeholders.

Risk based audit

is a structured program to test the effectiveness of controls mitigating significant risk exposure. Company internal audit is deploying control self-assessment as an efficient means of establishing the effectiveness of standard financial controls. The outcomes of business plan risk assessments and mitigation planning are used to develop focused audit plans to investigate significant risk bearing controls. This is supported by internal audit within the operations and peer review by experienced corporate executives.

Boiler Cleaning Services

has a long and proud record of major project delivery.

Boiler Cleaning Services

has developed the capacity to better assess and manage these projects. The bespoke OMS controls the project approval process, such that all opportunities entered into the tender process are evaluated against a selection of pre-determined criteria. A scorecard approach allows management to determine the potential risk profile in a project, which projects can precede normally, which must be declined and which can proceed only under more rigorous conditions. In this latter circumstance, a steering committee monitors each project through to final account.

Trained and competent workforce teams

  • Louwtjie Pretorius – Managing Director (Donor)
  • 90 workers
  • Service Technicians – Electrical, Mechanical, Steam, Coded Welders, Fitters, Machinists, Valve technicians, Riggers, Instrumentation
  • Technician Draftsmen
  • Planners
  • QA & QC
  • Safety Officer
  • 24-Hour call outs and back up service
  • Steam reticulation – system design, installation, test and approval by independent third party inspection authorities (GMS,TUV –Rheinland,OSG-Non destructive testing, Dyepen, X-ray, Ultra-sonic)
  • Outsourcing operation of your entire steam producing plant
  • Boiler maintenance and service contracts
  • Outsourcing general maintenance and plant service contracts
  • On site boiler making projects


BOILER CLEANING SERVICES INTERNATIONAL (Pty) Ltd is certified in accordance with ISO 3834 Part 2 for the products – Pressure Piping, Pressure Equipment, Heaters & Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Tanks & Containers, Pressure Safety Valves, Structural Steel, Sheet Metal & Autoclaves – Certificate no: ZA-314 – Rev. 00.

Our ISO 3834 certification is also aligned with the quality requirements of ASME Section VIII Division 1 Appendix 10 (latest revision).

SAIW Certification

ISO 3834 Part 2
Certificate No. ZA-314