Quality Product

Quality product and quality service are two of the most important aspects of service delivery.

Operational staff and quality control within BCS Coal

Extraction of coal
BCS Coal Consultants staff visit the mine on a daily basis collecting weighbridge slips and receiving information from the mine manager on the ROM stockpiles and quantitities moving to the wash plant.

Stockpile control
BCS Coal staff reviews survey reports and compares it to the mine manager’s reports on stockpile sizes, levels and quantities of the ROM.

Stockpile quantities
BCS Coal oversees testing procedures from taking samples from stockpiles, to the testing of such samples at an accredited laboratory.

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Quality Service

Transport to plant

BCS Coal staff reconcile and track all ROM moved from the mine to the wash plant using the data from both weighbridges.

Wash plant

BCS Coal staff monitors the ROM stockpile at the wash plant with GSP signal and constantly communicates all updates to the BCS Coal operations team. The ROM stockpile at the wash plant is clearly marked, defined and dates.


BCS Coal staff are stationed at the wash plant on a permanent basis to check the product and stockpile levels. Part of their job description is to check that the ROM brought in is stockpiled and immediately marked with BCS Coal Consultants signage and dated. Two coloured boards are used on site. Orange indicates that the stockpile has been processed and not yet tested, while blue indicates that the stockpile has been tested and approved.


Noko and Bureau Veritas are our preferred laboratory. Once the stockpile is ready for testing, the laboratory test team is called to the site to test the stockpile. BCS Coal staff are present to make sure that the laboratory team does the testing properly.

Approved stockpile

Once the laboratory has sent the rest results back and they are in accordance with the specification sheet received from the client, the stockpile is then approved and the orange board is replaced with a blue board and dated.


Only selected logistics companies that have a proven track record of reliability and a sound relationship with BCS Coal are utilised to transport the coal.


The transport company tracks the coal with their tracking system. BCS Coal staff collect data from the weighbridge at the wash plant and reconcile with the schedule received from the client to ensure that all coal sent from the wash plant has been delivered to the client.


Should the client query any of the loads/or transport, BCS Coal staff will request the tracking record from the transporter and send the information to the client for the client logistics team to approve and confirm that there has been no unauthorized movement from the time the truck collected the product to the time the product was delivered to the client.

Invoicing schedules

Once BCS Coal receives the invoicing schedules, the invoices will be sent out on the same day the schedule is/was received.